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Money follows attent(ion).


L I G H T S . C A M E R A . A C T . I O N .

Welcome to ION. From Sports, Health, Family and Youth Ionfluencers, you’re about to get the attent(ion) and differentiat(ion) you deserve. Scripted and unscripted, what do you have your ion? Join mill.ions who rely on ion each day.

LA Rams first Super Bowl QB Vince Ferragamo, Legendary Host Liz Habib, Chief Executive Athlete Dave Behar and NFL Hall of Famer Jackie Slater on ION’s Winning Side set in studio.

Where Activation, Ionspiration, Collaboration, Realvitalization Lives.

Yes, ION Network, the Ionfluencers, our growing Cast of Characters are stoked for all of our Creators, Brand Partners, Viewers, Affiliates, Lifestyle Agent, Licensees and ION Business Pioneer’s Success – as we continue to release our local channels, new platforms and leading edge technology and shows as version 2023.06 arrives, with secondly and minutely – not just daily, updates.

Let’s stay in touch, stay healthy – and ionvested.

Stay connected and learn more about the leading edge ION Network™ and how we can (and will) win together.

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