As a growing, digital brand and network, we will meet the few past “journalists” head on with attempts to discredit our business and our Founder.

No censorship, just letting these folks know, and remind them that their work is flawed and have a problem with their own credibility. No egos, just setting matters straight with those who want to love us – but encounter hit pieces on our reputation that we do not deserve. It’s ironic who supports these false narratives. We share these in some of our talks.

For those who have also themselves experienced unruly, driven “journalists”, we will help you get over the hurdle. Yes, you can rely on ion to be by your side to fight the fight.

Look into the case and see why this lawsuit was necessary. This case was filed for a number of reasons – including what you see happening in their world and why we wish we could have afforded the injunction. Had they not stolen our intellectual property in the first place, and paid millions for us to “co-exist”, we would be a very different company and far better for the world in general.

Truth be told – ION Media Networks ripped off our trademark, brand and paid over $7.5 million to defend themselves of their mistake of choosing a name already taken in media – but thought we were too small to go after them… Amazing how ION’s Founder, Dave Behar was mischaracterized as a troll. Wikipedia itself enables censorship. Think about it.
Ironically, this was piece drawn more as a political hit job, fueled by a fear of competition by a left wing media company – specifically designed to hurt the reputation of an otherwise generous, giving resident of the Palos Verdes Peninsula – on a non newsworthy subject.

This was a Daily Breeze hit piece written by a young, former impressionable journalist who wanted to work for us, however was not hired before this article. The many deliberate, false statements the “journalist” chose to write were brought to her boss and removed by Daily News and Daily Breeze – but the story found its way back online, due to a hosting platform change. The initial story fulfilled four former local government official’s mission – and the rookie journalist. A lethal combination that otherwise changed the Economic Development contributions of ION’s Founder in the community he grew up in – that now goes elsewhere. And yes, the specified insurance requested was purchased.