ION Social Responsibility


Over 20 years ago, ION Founder Dave Behar laid out ION Network’s vision – and supported it with two journalistic benchmark taglines: Rely on ion™ and ION, The Network of Champions™.  Today, these missions remain and help guide our ionteractive brand.

ION’s call to action with our journalists and technologists and the cast of characters – were part of the ionspiration to enable information and tools to improve lives and our community well-being.

ION is about what the community cares about – our viewers, readers, listeners and brand partners are also our neighbors, fellow citizens, family and friends.


with its focus on the people like us we serve, reflection on our company’s direction in digital, mobile and over-the-top video, while also pursuing growth in over-the-air television. The media business is changing more rapidly today than it ever has. This is why we do not consider ION a media business. Rather, we are an ionteractive business – unlike any other.

In disrupting and defining what’s next in the world of filling connecting positive local market, journalism needs, we are continuously building and improving a reliable portfolio of businesses – that provide a strong foundation for future generations of viewers and creators.

Since we ourselves are shareholders and stakeholders, at ION, our sustainable approach to business is evolution – as we meet the needs of tomorrow’s participants.


From Muy Local, Neighborhood Watchout and our Ionvestigation workflow, ION’s  objective local, regional and National news offerings empowers businesses and residents to make ionformed decisions as part of their daily digital and lifestyle toolbox – that lead to success, not failure. Yes, we care about social justice and its ionterpretation.

Our ION Local Network & Digital Television Stations serve and enable a fresh public-service role in keeping our communities informed and funded, so continuous improvement happens. We enjoy playing an ionstrumental role in aspiring dreams in an American Democracy which somehow needs to cleanse itself of corruption and unnecessary, noisy distractions – and assisting in positive way

Via all of our ION Local Channels, we enjoy giving front (not back) to the communities we live, work and play in – through super fresh, meaningful events and ionitiatives while hosting and partnering with civic philanthropic events – especially those that help fuel local economy and wellness – rather those that perpetuate poverty.

Rely on ion!