UAL Ultimate Match-ups

UAL on ION | Ultimate Match Ups

The UAL Ultimate Match Up’s are by invitation only to “Contracted” UAL Athletes. The “Match” money for Ultimate Match Up’s range from $1000 – $10,000 per Match. We are on the look out for up and coming Pullers to Contract – so attend a UAL event to be considered.


  1. The minimum age required for competing at all UAL Championships is 18 years old.
  2. UAL Tournaments will be double elimination competition, with the exception of the Ultimate Match Up’s, these are One on One best of 3 rounds .
  3. UAL Tournaments will use a minimum of 2 referees per table, with the exception of the Ultimate Match Up’s where we use only 1.
  4. UAL Tournaments will allow 60 seconds total for competitors to arrive at table and attempting to grip (30 seconds to arrive, 30 seconds to grip). Competitors will receive call number one, and then call number two thirty seconds later. Failure to be at the table gripping up within time limit will result in a loss.
  5. UAL Tournaments will run on several tables, with the exception of the Ultimate Match Up’s, which will take place on one table only.
  6. Each weight class will be run until the last four competitors, 2 winners – 2 losers, then finals run for all classes.
  7. No contestant will be matched twice against the same person until the finals 1st-4th. UAL Ultimate Match Up’s not included.
  8. No weight allowance will be given.
  9. All competitors must weigh in, in order to compete during designated registration times only.
  10. Competitors may only wear UAL approved apparel unless authorized at referee discretion.
  11. Competitors may not wear items on their competing hand, only at the referee’s discretion.
  12. Anyone with long hair will have to have their hair restrained in some fashion. Hats or bands are permitted but must be turned around backwards.
  13. Once a referee is on a table, he/she may not be replaced for any match.
  14. Only powder or liquid Caulk is permitted.
  15. Straps will be used if slip of grip occurs and if not determined to be an intentional slip.
  16. Platform shoes may be used for height compensation in stand up UAL Tournaments, platforms may be used with head referee approval.
  17. Sportsmanship will prevail, failure to comply will result in a foul or immediate termination from contest.
  18. Any individual(s) attempting to alter weight by not following proper weigh in conduct/procedure will be disqualified from the event.
  19. The head referee may give a disabled puller some allowances for his handicap.
  20. You can only pin your opponent on the winning side of the table.
  21. As with any sport there is an inherent risk participating in the UAL Tournaments / Ultimate Match Up’s and you must protect yourself at all times, if you feel unfit to compete in this event, you must remove yourself for the competition immediately or at referee’s discretion.
  22. A pin is when any part of the natural wristline to finger tips, touches or goes below the touch pad.
  23. At the end of the match the referee will say “Stop or Match” and indicate the winner by raising his arm towards him/her. Never stop armwrestling until referee has stopped the match.
  24. Referee’s decision will be final at all times.