ION Licensing


So, you want to scale your business, while giving more back to the community you live and play in? Perhaps to your former college or hometown? Well, you are in the right place and we share in your mindset and need for ROI on any ionvestment, given our passive “ioncome methodology”, and commitment to short and long term benefit that the ION Fund does.


ION Local Network is the hyper Local, hyper Targeted iondustry leader in Platformation, Content Creation, Lead Generation and Local Offers to residents, offering the latest leading edge technologies and methodologies available. Every Licensed ION Channel features a best-in-class “Rely on Ion” experience as part of The Network of Champions™. We offer memberships and conversion-oriented services via our one of a kind menu of ION Licensed Goods & Services that financially and operationally gives front to communities in our network.


At ION we are the definition of interaction and activation in the community – always aspiring and going out of our way to bring positive vibe. As a proven National leader in ionspiring talent, activation and conversion locally and nationally, we continuously participate and innovate in iondustry-leading training. With our unmistakable, agency level, integrative, consultative approach, we help our Brand Partners, community businesses and residents achieve and exceed their stated goals.


The Technology + Media industry is a $ Trillion+ category and expected to grow an additional several trillion $ by 2025.


As the clear market leader, we are the only local media licensing model and by far the most sophisticated “give front” business model and are on the leading edge in transactionable media – with the brand to support it. Other media brands serve single or dozens of markets. We serve 25,000+.


Our track record for success in helping others succeed is unmistakeable. From large media and technology businesses, to Franchisors / Franchisees, to local, “in the village” one location restaurants and shops. We have the updated, forward leaning, highly scalable methodology to deliver on the promise.


With prime ION Digital Real Estate available, now is the time to monetize and capitalize on our unique, on demand services with conversion, results-oriented offerings via clear ionvestment levels.


The typical timeline for our ION Local Network Qualifying and Activation Process is only 75 – 100 Days. We will always state, step by step and agree up front the timeline to the initial term until you receive your first residual. We are continuously improving this process from innovation to compensation.

(Y)our process may be shortened depending on coordination of your ionvestment, schedules and the availability of both parties, in addition to completing the Qualification process.


Ready for more than one local empire and revenue sources? ION also offers a Territory ION Network Agreement (TIONA) that provides a Master Licensee with a guaranteed, protected territory in which they may develop their own network of channels (that includes all our positive business methodology and tasty iongredients).


Under the ION TIONA agreement, the ION Master Licensee, ION Lifestyle Agent or ION Collaboration Specialists remain active in selling, ION Digital Real Estate, and Brand Partner / Local Business visits within their territory — and ION Local Network handles all branding, systems, and accounting.

Half the ION Local License Fee and half the royalties are paid to the Master Licensee, who have the ability to sell ION Local Channels to other parties. Royalties are paid to the ION Local Master Licensee as long as the location remains an ION Licensee (which could be decades).


Pricing for a TIONA and / or ION dREIT is based on the size of the territory and the Master Licensee must ionvest in at least one ION Local Channel. Each agreement will specify what number of ION Local Channels must be activated by the Master Licensee or sold within a predetermined time frame. Legal compliance with ION is the responsibility of the Master Licensee.