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Press Pass.ion

The world of ION extends to every city, town and neighborhood in North America – and hundreds of countries globally. Each municipality and region has its own personality and social connect.ions. Contact us now!

For video, our upload feature is your gateway, with distribution by avenue i. For the written word and press releases, our signature technology and service to uniquely reach business decision makers and residents is Press Pass.ion.

We offer to include you in our ION News & Feature commentary – along with our multiple iondustry wires for a small fee or package rate. Call or implement now. Let’s make the connect.ion now!

ION’s PressPass.ion™ Media Coverage & Distribution Services are appealing to small and large organizations and businesses of all types, and are available as a retained package or ala carte. Here are some of the opt.ions to consider:

PressPass.ion | Option 01 – ION Local Neighborhood Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 02 – ION Local Business Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 03 – ION Youth Business Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 04 – ION Technology Business Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 05 – ION Sports Business Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 06 – ION Nutrition Business Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 07 – ION Health Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 08 – ION Ioncubation Wire
PressPass.ion | Option 09 – ION Simple Post
Presspass.ion | Ionstant – 24 hour service (all options)

Let’s make the connect.ion nowfor more details of how to reach neighbors nearby or nationwide or industry prospects in any part of North America – or simply to place your order for immediate impact.