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Queen of the Beach™

ION Health Network, part of ION’s Network of Champions™ has renewed its commitment to stage and broadcast ION’s Queen of the Beach™, in more cities and reaching a far “broader” audience in conjunction with its health and nutrition ionitiatives in all 50 states and Canada.

According to ION Founder and Chief Executive Athlete Dave Behar, the plan is to continue to crown competitors and raise each of their profiles for all of their fans on a more sustainable basis. “Our team is holding Audition dates throughout the year with our team, and that should provide plenty of options for more participants with our already curious audiences – always a goal of our highly scalable product.ions,” said Behar.

Stay tuned for audition announcements and the 2019 Season of Queen of the Beach™ Reality Series on ION Health Network, featuring Beauty, Brains and Balls.