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ION Network, a business and media unit of Behar Brands, incorporating ION Television, Ionternet and ION Mobile, successfully completed its 2018 Upfronts this month, as the growing, scaling network continues to attract leading Brands, Collaboration Partners, Shows and “Ionfluencers” on its integrated. multi-platform network.

“Our ION Brand’s iongredients continue to resonate and match up with those personal and consumer brands who have ambition, a strong sense of collaboration, community / social connection and a call to act.ion, vs. media units and passive screen watching for hours. Opening up our ionitiatives, in addition to our leading edge media and transactional platforms is the differentiation.” noted Dave Behar, Founder and CEO of ION Network. “We are definitely pleased with our progress.ion in 2018.”

If you missed the 2018 ION Upfronts and the full ION Media offering , contact your ION Local or National Collaboration Specialist and make the connect.ion now.