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ION Sports™, The Network of Champions™, and leading edge ionteractive marketing agency, ION Sports Properties, is about to enable even more winning, as the Network was selected as the Official Broadcast & Webcast Partner, along with the Official Interactive Marketing Agency for the largest Grass and Beach Volleyball Tournaments in the world. It’s a big win for the events and an even bigger win for the Beach Volleyball Industry.

Aspen’s Motherlode, Vail’s King of the Mountain, Oshkosh’s Waupaca Boatride and Pottstown Rumble, outside of Philadelphia, feature thousands of athletes on over one thousand volleyball courts – with massive market reach in the millions. Top Influencers and athletes in the sport as well as weekend warriors and youth converge on these long running events.

ION Research on-location numbers don’t lie (see below) and the viewing / engagement metrics are staggering (request a Collaboration Kit):

2017 King of the Mountain | 786 Teams » 150+ Nets » 1,572 Athletes

2017 Pottstown Rumble | 1,832 Teams » 367 Nets » 3,980 Athletes » 25 different states
Media – 100,840 engaged in Facebook Posts, 550k reach during the week of event , 600,000 viewed live streams

2017 Waupaca Boatride | 1,513 Teams » 300+ Nets » 4,722 Athletes » 38 different states + 6 countries

2017 Motherlode | 600 Teams » 100+ Nets » 1,200+ Athletes » 34 different states + 4 countries

Dave Behar, Founder, CEO and Chief Executive Athlete of ION (one of digital media’s largest producers / distributors of shows and video and innovative vehicle for millions of content creators) is no stranger to the sport, having created, pioneered and exited one of the world’s most successful, innovative volleyball brands, I DIG, out of San Diego State University, after a building a wildly successful, internationally distributed company sold in thousands of stores and sponsoring hundreds of tournaments, including developing the Legends of Pro Beach Volleyball with Chris Marlowe, being a key driver in Pro Beach Volleyball in Australia including activating alandmark deal with Nescafe Ice Cafe and introducing Coors Light to the Professional Sport in America) while supporting dozens of the top US Tour athletes and innovating highly successful apparel and volleyball products. In addition to brand and business development leadership, Behar is credited with inventing beach volleyball footwear as well as revolutionizing the ball market – quickly becoming one of the most inspirational and best selling beach volleyball brands in the world – “disrupting a sleeping market”

“These volleyball events have been part of Americana and the fabric of the sport for many years with high participation levels – and growth. Now it’s time to marry best in class brands with the iconic events and deliver activation to help grow their local and National sales goals and ionitiatives,” stated Behar. “The event founders and directors are some of the finest, most respected people in the sport, with trusted ionfrastructure, positive attitudes and high iontegrity – and deserve the focus of world class, signature ‘Collaboration’ representation and production capability. Ultimately, the participants, fans, brands and surrounding communities win. Besides, I need more destinations to travel to, show up and break out my lethal jump serve and skyball!”, laughed Behar.