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ION SAN DIEGO – The end is just the beginning…The Runception™ – this time Insane Diego, brought to you by ION, National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) and NatureThroid. Runners were recognized following their 115 miles down the Coast from the LA Waterfront in San Pedro to San Diego arriving at the AANP Conference – all to support Naturopathic Licensing in all 50 States.

A good time (and activation) for all – including the honorable, NUNM other than, NUNM President Dr. David Schleich (middle). caught on camera with Jeremiah Godby and CNDA Executive Director Kathy Konst.

Yes, America is Beautiful in America’s Finest City.

Featured at The Runception, was NUNM’s Four Focuses – Institutes whose primary function is to enhance community education and inclusion. Through hands-on community classes, weekend seminars and lecture events the principles of naturopathic medicine are promoted through:

Formally established in 2014, the goal of NUNM’s Food as Medicine Institute (FAMI) is to adapt the intensive nutrition training that naturopathic and Chinese medicine students receive during their medical education into meaningful learning opportunities for community members. FAMI naturopathic physicians and NUNM students offer a variety of hands-on learning experiences through community-based nutrition and cooking programs, including the FAME (Food as Medicine Everyday) workshops. FAME is a 12-week series of interactive nutrition classes and whole-food cooking instruction available to families and individuals in the Portland area.

Introduced in 2012, NUNM’s Women in Balance Institute (WIBI), was the first natural medicine educational association in the nation dedicated to education and research on women’s health. The institute’s goal is to educate women and the healthcare community about hormones and how they affect a woman’s health at each stage of her life. NUNM medical students, working under the supervision of a lead physician, have the opportunity to play a role in women’s health education and outreach.

The Traditional Roots Institute launched in spring 2013 with a simple goal: to feed and grow natural medicine’s herbal roots. The institute helps bring the people’s medicine back to our communities through education and experiential learning. It offers opportunities for all types of healthcare providers to deepen their understanding of herbal medicine and advance their clinical practice. With the guidance of a lead physician, traditional roots supports public awareness of herbal medicine through free monthly herb walks, social media, online articles, hands-on and in-depth classes, and an annual conference.


Humans get wiser with age – and the Age Wise Institute enables the study to invigorate an aging population.