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ION Philadelphia | THE LAST LAUGH: Vision to Victory, by Dennis Franks & Vince Papale

The title of the book is inspired by a photo, titled LAST LAUGH. The photo was taken after a successful game that helped reverse the Philadelphia Eagles losing streak and paved their way to the Super Bowl XV. It now hangs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. It depicts, not only the emotion felt, after a winning game, but the joy that comes from any accomplishment against the odds, in the face of naysayers and doubters.

The Last Laugh – Vision to Victory, is part memoir and part success guide. In it, they discuss the obstacles we overcame to make the NFL. Precedent was against us. Vince was too old and Dennis too small, but we made the team. We share not only the lessons learned during our NFL years, but how we applied those lessons to our business pursuits after we left pro ball.

Those business pursuits include Vince’s’ launch of the Invincible brand, after the release of Invincible, the Disney movie and book depicting his NFL career. Vince is now among the nation’s top motivational speakers. Dennis’s pursuits include his rise through the ranks of direct selling as one of the top money earners in the industry. Dennis now owns, in partnership with others, a multibillion-dollar internet marketing company. He travels internationally to train a sale-forces of 200,000 distributors.

Papale and Franks unpack the code of behavior and ethics that has undergirded every success. They call it THE VICTORS CODE. The code in brief:
– Vision—the state of being able to see.
– Valor—possessing exceptional courage and determination.
– Vehemence—showing great energy or passion.
– Veracity—the habit of speaking the truth.
– Vitality— Living a healthy lifestyle
– Vigor—the ability to thrive and survive in the face of obstacles.
– Victory—the accomplishment of an aim of purpose.

Several well-known luminaries weigh in on how the Victors codes and our story has impacted their journeys. Among them are:

Mark Wahlberg—Academy Award nominated actor and entrepreneur
Carl Peterson—Former president and General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs
Pat Croce—Former President of Philadelphia 76ers, author of Lead or Get Off the Pot!: The Seven Secrets of a Self-Made Leader
Bo Eason—Playwright of Runt of the Litter, former San Francisco 49ers defensive back
Cosmo DeNicola—Serial entrepreneur and humanitarian
Jim Harbaugh—Former NFL Quarterback, Head Coach of Michigan Wolverines
Mariel Hemingway—Oscar-nominated actress, author, and activist
Helie Lee—Author of Still Life with Rice, documentarian of Macho Like Me, activist
Colonel Tom Manion—Gold Star father, author, founder of Travis Manion Foundation
Heather Mitt Feeley—Gold-medal Olympian in Soccer, TV analyst, host of Soccer Superstar
Ken Mok—Producer and director of America’s Next Top Model, founder of 10×10 Entertainment
JR Ridinger—Founder of Market America Inc., Business visionary, entrepreneur
Brian Rutenberg—Award-winning painter, author of Clear Seeing Place
Dick Vermeil—Former Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, analyst, entrepreneur

The book was pre-launched in February at a convention of 20,000 entrepreneurs, and was showcased on Publishers Row during the Super Bowl.