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ION Seattle, WA — Choice Organic Teas, the Original Organic Tea Company in the U.S. and the leading purveyor of exclusively organic teas, introduces Shiitake Oolong Mushroom Wellness Tea* as a line extension to the Mushroom Wellness Teas* collection launched in 2017. Functional mushrooms continue to grow in the food and beverage market while products containing shiitake mushrooms increased 189% in sales in 2017 (SPINS).

Mushrooms have long been used across cultures as traditional medicine to promote health and vitality.* Modern research shows that medicinal mushrooms, which contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, can help modulate the body’s immune system and contribute to overall well-being.*

Formulated to promote a healthy metabolism and immunity support, Shiitake Oolong pairs shiitake mushrooms with synergistic herbs ashwagandha and eleuthero root, plus invigorating oolong and smoked black tea. Shiitake encourages normal immunity and stimulates metabolism.* Eleuthero root and ashwagandha support endurance and a balanced stress response.* Oolong and lapsang souchong tea help boost your energy and provide antioxidants.* It’s a rich and smoky cup with seductive hints of umami, sure to motivate and inspire.

This addition to their popular Mushroom Wellness Teas* collection, which also includes Reishi Matcha, Shiitake Turmeric, Shiitake Maté, and 2018 NEXTY Awards finalist Reishi Detox*, demonstrates Choice Organic Teas’ continued and consistent growth in the natural channel. “With functional mushrooms topping the natural food and beverage trends for 2018, interest in mushrooms as a functional ingredient is stronger than ever, making this new blend poised to peak the interests and taste buds of tea drinkers and natural health proponents,” said Anne-Marie Phillips, VP of Sales and Marketing at Choice Organic Teas.

As with the entire Wellness Teas* collection, Shiitake Oolong was specially formulated with the help of a master herbalist at Bastyr University and artfully crafted for great taste by the sourcing and blending experts at Choice Organic Teas. The teas are classified as Herbal Dietary Supplements (HDS), indicating that the product has met FDA standards for quality and testing. All of the teas are certified organic by QAI for USDA Organic certification.

The rest of the Choice Organic Teas Wellness Teas* collection, including the other four Mushroom Wellness Teas*, is offered in retail at the price of $5.49 and are for sale online and at independent natural retail stores nationwide. A portion of the proceeds from each box is given to Bastyr University’s student scholarship fund.