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Public Safety Summit™

LA City Councilman Joe Buscaino connects with the ionteractive audience

Campaigns created by ION and Dave Behar for the LA Public Safety Summit™ are a symbol of success.

With Public Safety, Economic and Business Development at the forefront of ION’s mission, our Founder Dave Behar, Past President & Chairman of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council in the City of Los Angeles, is also the Founder of the nation’s first Public Safety Summit™, leading the community conversation encompassing 96 Neighborhood Councils in the entire City of Los Angeles and now beyond.

In collaboration with CSPNC, LAPD, LAFD, Council District 15 and other City agencies, the LA Public Safety Summit, sponsored by ION and Neighborhood Watchout™, is now a symbol of success for towns and cities across America and abroad, as stakeholders address key issues and opportunities to keep their neighborhoods safe.

Snapshot of one of ION sponsored Public Safety Summits:

Neighbors watching out for Neighbors.
City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Signage / Window Sticker Campaign, developed and Copyright by Public Safety Summit Founder Dave Behar.