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Independence Week™

In the beginning:

Over the course of five days in 2012, July 1-6, the Veterans Association of the USS Iowa, highlighted a full week-long celebration “on the seaside of Los Angeles,” including those who served on the ship, their spouses and family members, along with others who are interested in the incoming vessel and its history to San Pedro.

The reunion was held at the Doubletree Hotel in San Pedro, CA from July 2 to July 6, 2012, with the gala being on July 5. Once the USS Iowa landed in San Pedro, Admiral Jerry Gneckow exclaimed “Now we can start getting ready for the reunion. See you in San Pedro!” via an official e-mail to the Association. The Veterans sent 300 to 500 attendees for their annual reunion.

San Pedro, with many historical military elements in place along with current day active military especially well-suited to host reunions of this type because of its long history and heritage as a home to military.

It was a community-wide effort that brought the Veterans Association of the USS Iowa Reunion here. It is only appropriate that the Iowa veterans have their reunion in San Pedro, as close as possible to the ship they remember and honor. San Pedro has the high quality hotels, restaurants, shops and other amenities that make San Pedro a great place to meet.

The total economic impact is quite significant.

“This was an opportunity for thousands to discover what we already know – the terrific hospitality, coastal recreation, nightlife and other attractions that make San Pedro a great destination to meet, and families, visitors to enjoy its coastal soul,” said Dave Behar, creator of Independence Week™ and community leader. “The events during Independence Week™ are historic, plentiful, and of National significance,” said Behar, Founder and CEO of ION Network, a Founding sponsor and broadcaster of the week’s fun and festivities. “America’s families and its honored Veterans will “Sea. Real. Life’.”
America’s Holiday – spread over an act.ion packed week. We enjoy leading, sponsoring and collaborating in communities across the country – not just here but in all 50 states. Even celebrating Independence of other countries.
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