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ION Events

ION Events are among the most successful events in North America. Whether our own and operated events and ionitiatives or our Media / Collaboration Partnerships, we deliver the results that businesses, participants and the consuming audience craves. From events coverage in as many as 25,000 cities to integrated marketing and successful growth, we welcome you to play with us, travel with us and laugh with us – enjoying the beauty of a connected viewing and on-location audience in the millions. Your footprint is our footprint. Conversion and activation every step of the way…


Winvitationals™ at Rock & Brews are the latest in ION Events’ portfolio of immersive, integrated marketing, fan and fun loving events.

American Running League

The competitive foot race as we know it is one of the oldest disciplines in sports. After all, the ancient Greeks were staging contests in running long before beach volleyball and other sports came to be.

If you are a race event planner or marketer, ION Collaboration Partner or participant, the goals are the same – a great time, with activation, competition and conversion – whether a faster or better time (full experience), from the last. But while ARL athletes look forward to the gun going off at the start of the race, we know the start time is far earlier for our valuable partnerships.

ARL Differentiation

Whether a fast, flat course: an urban route or a more natural, scenic terrain, ARL on ION brings it all on a city by city basis for active runners, their friends, family and followers – simply an organization like no other, that celebrates the best people, best times, best places and efforts.

“ARL certified events are the full of differentiation’ due to the teams and geographic dynamics,” says Dave Behar, Founder and Chief Executive Athlete of The American Running League. There are many events every weekend, and our formula works for the entire eco-system’s benefit…It has to.”

“Naturally, we have experience in building wildly successful events, participation, unique outreach and marketing, creating new metrics to sales for ION Collaboration Partners and monetizing historic events for the local, regional and National event operator. We simply focus on the upside to enable better enrichment and footprint, which leads to better business development. Certainly we serve in a seasoned capacity.”

ARL Certification

No matter the distances of the local city’s event, age or participation level, all ARL Courses and Footprints must be professionally measured and recorded as being in compliance with the standards of the applicable governing body in the U.S. – USA Track and Field (USATF). The ARL as a trusted League is more concerned about integrity, existing scale and / or ability to scale. Not to forget qualifying times, which enable ARLTeam success.