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The innovative “Give Front” hands-on community work and technology platform continues to benefit relationships as ION’s continued commitment builds on its work they’ve been doing since 2000, extending the reach of event organizers and non-profit innovators by connecting them with funding, outreach, technology tools, and ION volunteers. The program is attracted to innovators who intend to make a huge impact on their communities and have a vision for solving community and global issues at scale, as the consuming public enjoys the multiple examples of successful Give Front ionitiatives deployed by ION.

“We’re now doubling down on our Give Front ionitiaitves, directing $1.25 million in grants. resources and increasing our volunteer hour community contributions to non-profits, youth and early stage businesses that use technology and innovation to bring their cause based missions to life,” commented Dave Behar, ION Founder and Chief Executive Athlete. “In 2018 and 2019, our contributions are focused in four areas where we believe we can make the most impact – Innovation, Activation, Entrepreneurship and of course, Ionclusion.”