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ION Television

Welcome to the original ION Television™. Our commercial distribution includes show and event placement on multiple television stations, branded and public as well as our own stations and thousands of digital platforms.

As a Plaintiff in Federal Court, we successfully sued / litigated against ION Media Networks, who made the mistake of ripping us off and changing their name to ION Television from “I” and “PAX” – infringing on our well-known ION iontellectual property. As a public company who took the risk that we were too small to pursue them, they spent millions of shareholder dollars on their defense to avoid more embarrassment in what essentially amounts to white collar theft stealing, as multiple media sources and experts described it.

Well, we co-exist as a result of an in-trial settlement – yet we enjoy far greater viewership across our own and affiliate channels. We are about the future, not about the past. Of course, people and companies rip-off good things, not bad – and we will remain focused on a best of breed, next generation platform and service to all the communities and organizations we serve, while still going after the bad guys who steal from us. Wouldn’t you?

Meanwhile, as the (original) ION, we bring ionteractive properties, shows and features to our growing digital nomads, yet offer time slot and OTT television on an as needed basis for additional distribution to a maturing audience or for added short form marketing for our vast network of digital properties, video and shows viewable over the Ionternet and mobile and a growing number of consoles and devices. Rely on ion™, The Network of Champ.ions™.