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Media Kit

We can’t help but open up our network for you to thrive and share in our built-in, “bolt-on” love! While global reaching, ION Local Network Channel & Neighborhood is hyper-targeted, hyper-local and effective. After all, our network and founder are pioneers and leaders in the methodology and help digital media scale and continue to define itself globally. Sure, videos and shows are our cornerstone, however, there is also nothing like visuals that call to action.

While we do utilize third party ad networks (because their customers would like to reach ours!), we also have operate our own proprietary ad and video network, for absolute best results for you and the rest of the eco-system. In addition to ads that may be provided through these networks, many daily and categorical sponsorships are available – including our super fresh shows and in studio reports, articles, e-mail newsletters and of great significance, our pin-pointed social media reach.

So, unless you are an awesome content creator already, a great way to start dialing into our reach is:

1) Sponsoring and being integrated in an ION Video or Show, which can be distributed anywhere in North America and Europe
2) The ION Local Wire utilizing a standard IAB ION Skycraper ad unit (160×600)
3) An ION Box which is a (300×250) unit displayed in articles and in e-mail.

4) An Ionitiative – typically displayed on channel in a 250×250 in-screen format, with much greater presence on the event platform.
5) The ION Uploader – Don’t forget, you can upload your own video for free, and with a mere $5.00 determine what other town you may want to be watched in…
ion-box-300×250-adPlease contact us today to request an updated ION Local, Regional or National Media Kit and/or a customized version that suits your specific goals and objectives – utilizing leading edge technology and production. Iontroductory rates are available…
ion-large-250×400-adFor more comprehensive business development and strategy that goes beyond our interactive digital suite of video, display ads, e-mail, search, you can contact us here, too!

Contact us to learn more, participate or collaborate!