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How do I get on ION?

You know, that’s a good quest.ion – and whether an aspiring individual or business, it’s easier than you think. Just navigate to ION Business and you can enable yourself with all sorts of opt.ions.

Because we are about “enablation”, that is enabling you to succeed, we have multiple choices. However, rather than a multiple choice question, we will provide a multiple choice answer. Contact your Collaboration Specialist today.

01. Upload
02. Distribute
03. Post – Post wherever you can in any of our social spaces. But we prefer direct contact to provide you more mileage.
04. Call – here you go… 866 ION LOCAL

05. Chat – Just click into our on Channel Chat
06. Sell – Yes, our channels and platforms provide you a direct option to place your desired product / service sales opportunity in a store or e-commerce proposition – or simply link to convert in your world, on your site. Either way, we deliver hyper targeted, super-qualified and targeted leads once you are in.
07. Share – Just like a well-cooked family meal, once you are in the Network of Champ.ions, you are sharable across a massive audience network.
08. Place – Starting with ION Business, whether we speculate with you or you pursue our paid platforms in Social, Display, Remarketing, Paid Search or Directories – your submitted content and ad placement shines. Or, we’ll make it shinier if creative writing or design is needed.
09. Perform – On and off the field, in and out of click funnels – our platformation and activation promises positive performance and metrics.
10. Win – Hopefully that’s why you want to do business with us. Our winning team is yours. Just ask to join.
11. Lead – We stay on the leading edge for you – delivering agency level capabilities and best practices for leading brands and personalities. If you are a leader, we will find you.